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Pinned Posts Creation📌

By JT Barnett

What are pinned posts?

In late 2022, both TikTok and Instagram started to allow you to “pin” up to 3 pieces of content to be displayed at the top of your page. Think of it like a header to a website.


Why is this important?

The top 3 posts are the prime real estate of a social media account, its where your eyes first look when you click on an account. Prior to this, companies would need to cram who they are into a 160 character bio.

Now, with the ability to pin 3 posts, it can be used to influence new visitors and learn more about the mission and products of your company, however, most are just pinning their top viewed video, and we recommend using it another way.

How can companies take advantage of this?

The smartest thing a company can do is use the pinned spots for 3 key pieces of information about your company that are visible from the onset of landing on your account.

For example: “Our Story”, “Our Mission”, “Where to Find Us.”

If you have the capabilities in-house, we would recommend you create a few intriguing story lines that your customers would love to hear about, and make those into videos with thumbnails sharing the stories title. Then use the pin feature and pin them to the top of each account!


How can we help you?

If taking this task on yourself seems daunting, our team creates these pinned posts from start to finish for some of the fastest growing companies today. We come up with each storyline using your current brand book and past experieneces, then we both film and edit the videos for you.

Here’s some examples:

How does this service work?

1️⃣ We learn your company and write 3 scripts from start to finish

2️⃣ We film those videos in person with your team

3️⃣ We edit those videos on our own

4️⃣ We deliver those videos to you for you to pin! 📌

Price: $15,000

Apply Here:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What social media platforms can you pin these on?

  • These platforms can be pinned on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube Shorts, X (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn. We also see companies using them on Tolstoy on their website, and running them as ads on these platforms.

What are the final deliverables we receive?

  • 3 final videos
  • 3 written scripts/outlines
  • 1 folder of un-edited content to repurpose
  • Perpetual ownership rights to 100% of the content

What are the 3 videos?

  • The most advantageous 3 pieces we see are “Who We Are”, “What We Do”, and “Where To Find Us”. However, we are open to alterations of these.

What is required of our company before filming?

  • Prior to filming, our team will create a script for the content to be approved of by you.
  • Anything you can share that will help us understand the stories we are creating (podcasts, articles, past content) and voicing in our script will be beneficial.
  • We do 1-2 strategy meetings with your team before filming to get approval on the script and content.

Are you writing the scripts for us?

  • Yes, we write the scripts for you based on the material and understanding we have of the company.

Do we get to approve of each script?

  • Absolutely! The script is written for your company to be shown in the best light. We give our suggestions based on our storytelling expertise and you get final say.

Are you filming the content for us?

  • If you are local to Los Angeles, yes, our team will film with your team in person.
  • If you are not local to Los Angeles, we will be using content you already have filmed, and if needed we will guide you on filming additional clips.

Does our team need to be in the content?

  • We believe a team member being in the content is the most optimal. The next most optimal would be a community member or customer. Last optimal would be hiring talent for the content.

How does the filming in person work?

  • We set up the entire shoot to make it comfortable for your team. All you have to do is show up and read the pre-written script through a teleprompter.

Where does filming take place?

  • We will find a location that feels authentic to the company. The office is a great space, a house, a local location, or if needed a rental event space.

Are you editing the content for us?

  • Yes, our team edits 100% of the content.

Does the video come with our company branding?

  • Yes. Everything is formatted for your brand guidelines - visuals, fonts, logos, colors, sounds.

Are any revisions allowed?

  • We allow unlimited revisions until you are happy with the content.

How long is the turn around time from filming to receiving an edited video?

  • Our team requires a 2 week turnaround from filming to an edited video.

Are these posts going to make us go viral?

  • These posts are not created to go viral. They are created to be informative, on-brand, and authentic pieces for your company.
  • These posts will receive viewership anytime someone clicks on your account.

What kinds of companies does this work for?

  • This service works for any company, b2c or b2b.
  • If you are using social media to direct attention towards your mission, this service helps with that.

Can these be used in paid advertisements?

  • Yes they can and we have seen a great amount of success with companies running these pieces in their advertisements.

What if we are not local to LA?

  • We can absolutely do this for Non-LA companies, here’s an example.
  • For non-local companies, we will create the scripts and look through the content you currently have to see which visuals we need filmed. We then either guide you on how to film them with your team, or we film/find them ourselves.

What else should we know?

The final folder we deliver to you has far more opportunity than just 3 pieces of content.

We would love for you to take everything we deliver and make it yours.

Use the content and repurpose it for new pieces.

Use the storylines we produce and turn them into email campaigns.

Use the videos for new ads.

Most of the companies we have done this with are still using portions of these videos in new content almost 2 years later.

We want you to take everything and make it work for you, there is more to squeeze out of it than just our final deliverables!